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The 2016 EDNCPHA annual meeting Health Education Section will be innovative, informative and fun – Join Us!

The 2016 Health Education Section of the EDNCPHA annual meeting will cover a broad range of health education topics. Leah Mayo, Rebekah Edens, and Stefanie Keen, from Active Routes to School Region 6, 9, and 10, will kick off the section with some informative strategies to get families involved with active routes to school. The presentation will be filled with success stories and incentives/resources available to encourage children to bike to school safely for physical activity when possible. Our section will also showcase an innovative outside the box jail-based prevention program. Catisha Bryant a Health Education Specialist from Dare County Health and Human Services will share interactive lessons from the “Helping Women Recover Program”.

Lisa Phillips, Tobacco free living coordinator, Partnership to Improve Community Health, NENCPPH will share updates on tobacco prevention efforts across the region and Jed Hinkley will provide updates on Healthy Foods initiatives. Our last session is one not to be missed! Come check out a program called “Keeping Current” presented by Alex Batshchelet and Brenda Shiflet from Dare County Health and Human Services. They will walk us through a mock teenage bedroom educating us on signs of substance abuse and risk factors to be aware of with youth today. All of the presentations will be informative and engaging. A Health Education Section meeting will take place and will provide a great networking opportunity for health educators across the region.

The 2015 Health Education Section at the EDNCPHA annual conference.

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